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La Paz, the City of Peace

-Las Sergas de Esplandian

And so, from a legend is born the history of California…

It is known that man inhabited California as early as 10,000 B.C. These earliest inhabitants of whom very few traces are left were a nomadic people comprised of fishermen and gatherers who lived collecting seeds and roots, protecting themselves from the elements under trees and in caves. Vestiges of these cultures are found in the cave paintings, now protected and considered as the Heritage of Humanity.  Several of these paintings are located only a short distance from the city of La Paz. It was in the XVI century, on May 3rd, 1535, that Hernan Cortés first arrived at what is now La Paz, naming it Villa de la Santa Cruz. Cortés mounted the first of many attempts to conquer the Peninsula, but after several years of effort the expeditions failed due to lack of food and water as well as the occasional ferocious attacks by the natives. California always resisted being conquered by force.  Only the missionaries were successful by means of their spiritual force to tame this land, as well as those who came to work it. The surrounding waters of La Paz were first named the Berméjo Sea, due to their many moods filled with intense colors ranging from azure blue to blood red. La Paz received its modern name from Sebastian Vizcaino, who established his base in La Paz in 1596 while circumnavigating the peninsula on exploratory expeditions. It was during these daring adventures that Vizcaino realized the economical importance of California’s lands and seas.

Throughout its history, La Paz has endured numerous conquerors, pirates, missionaries and entrepreneurs, creating a flowery past full of risk, daring and lore. Today, La Paz is bathed by the Sea of Cortés, a name that signifies its historical essence and surrounds a city of rich colonial architecture, unlimited recreational opportunities and unparalleled charm, offering magical sunsets day after day.


La Paz is centrally located on the Sea of Cortez and surrounded by the scenic Bahia de La Paz, situated just an hour’s drive from Todos Santos (Pacific Ocean) and Los Barilles (East Cape) and 2.5 hours north of Los Cabos.

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The La Paz International Airport (LAP) is currently served from the United States by Alaska Airlines, Delta, Continental and Aero Mexico.


Recreational Opportunities
Vacationers and retirees are drawn to the area to relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  The La Paz area provides unlimited recreational opportunities including:

  • Five marinas for berthing vessels from small fishing boats to mega yachts at affordable prices in comparison to Los Cabos.

  • Golf course communities underway.  Plans are in progress for five major golf courses: one is now under construction! This will ignite the fever for La Paz to become one of the finest golfing communities in Baja.

  • Excellent dining and nightlife. Every style of fare imaginable is available from traditional Mexican to Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Swiss, French and more. Several new quality restaurants have opened up in the new Marina Costa Baja commercial plaza including La Gula and Bismark and offer wonderful cuisine overlooking the tranquil waterfront. After hours there are many different clubs, cafés and bars that cator to a wide range of tastes from Latin Rock to Jazz to a quiet romantic respite on the malécon that stretches for miles fronting the beautiful Bay of La Paz

  • Access to the best fishing in all of Baja.  From Punta Arenas to Espíritu Santos and Cerralvo Island, the waters of La Paz are the home of marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, pargo, yellowtail and tuna. Cerralvo sits between two massive deep-water channels that literally funnel huge schools of pelagic fish along its flanks.  Considered by many to be among the top five fishing spots in the world, the island and its surrounding areas produce tuna nearly year round.  Marauding schools of dorado travel through the area from June to October.  The world-record 114-pound roosterfish was caught here. Marlin, sailfish and other "deep water" gamefish have been hooked within a stone's throw of Cerralvo’s massive cliffs often in water so shallow and so clear that the bottom is clearly visible.  For this reason, the northern and southern tips of the island are especially popular with sport fishermen.

  • Most seasoned anglers prefer these waters to those of the East Cape and Los Cabos because popular species abound in the offshore islands and the experienced charter fleet is less expensive

  • Beautiful white, soft sand beaches. The most ideal beaches for sun bathing are those located on the road to Pichilingue, near La Paz’s commercial dock and ferry terminal. Puerto Balandra is a saltwater lagoon and boasts eight unspoiled bays with spectacular beaches, including the famous “mushroom rock” located at Playa Balandra.  Tecolote Beach is one of the largest in the area and faces Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit) Island. All beaches possess amenities ranging from palapas, restrooms and showers to restaurants, bars and watersports rental equipment.

  • Magnificent offshore islands for recreational boating and diving enthusiasts. Espíritu Santo is a veritable playground for sport divers and has never been fully explored. Many of the 800 aquatic species present in the Sea of Cortez are found here.  Several massive wrecks, numerous wall dives and a vast undersea canyons support a rich ecosystem that includes seven species of whales, sharks, manta rays and others make this island a must-see for any diver. Cerralvo Island is located southeast of Espiritu Santo. Steep cliffs rising from deep water on all sides and a lack of any true anchorages keep people away.  Except for herds of wild goats and schools of seabirds you won't find anyone camping on Cerralvo excepting local commercial fishermen who stay on the island during the fishing season.


There are six universities in La Paz that include a state-of-the-art medical school, technical university, and traditional university curriculum. La Paz has the highest level of education in Baja.


  • Marine Ecology ~ La Paz is the Eco Tourism center of Baja due to the large number of isolated islands and the bays that serve as the incubator for much of the marine life of the entire Pacific Ocean. The late explorer, Jacques Cousteau, considered the Sea of Cortez his favorite body of water in the world due to the abundant variety of marine life. Visitors enjoy kayaking trips to Espiritu Santo Island as well as many other pristine and environmentally protected areas nearby La Paz to observe the birthing grounds of migrating whales, sea lions, dolphins, and countless other fish and marine life. There are many local tour services that offer these excursions.
  • Desert Tours ~ La Paz serves as the perfect launching point to explore the hundreds of miles of off-road trails throughout the mountain ranges of Baja. These unspoiled areas offer some of the most spectacular exploring opportunities for off-road enthusiasts. Remote mines, caves, wildlife and complex desert flora are there for your enjoyment. Guided desert tour excursions are available.

Shopping ~ La Paz offers exceptional shopping services ranging from the giant Soriana Super Store (larger than Costco) to wonderful boutiques tucked away on the cobblestone streets of La Paz. Fresh meat, fish, poultry and available every day, and the produce is fresh and delicious. Due to the abundance of fresh mountain water in Baja, unlike mainland Mexico, the produce is fresh, pure and doesn't need additional treatment.



General Services

  • Hospitals and Medical Care ~ There are five major hospitals in the La Paz metropolitan area including a state-of-the-art medical school at the University of Southern Baja. Many of the doctors are teaching professors continuing their education in the United States on the latest equipment and procedures. Unlike the U.S., Mexican doctors are happy to make house calls to their patients at very reasonable fees.

  • Dental ~ Many Americans go to Mexico specifically to receive high quality dental care at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. The dentists use the latest equipment and procedures and are fluent in English.

  • Prescription Medicine ~ Recent national news articles have addressed the fact that many Americans are "going South" to purchase prescription and over the counter medicine for less than it would cost with their medical insurance co-pay! Mexican pharmacists and doctors are also well known for their skill in utilizing holistic and natural herbal remedies.

  • Skymed Insurance ~ Skymed is an insurance policy that many Americans purchase for less than $250 per year for a family. In a medical emergency, Skymed will fly you and your family, in a state-of-the-art medical jet, to any hospital of your choice. You are insured in any area of the North American continent including the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

  • Restaurants ~ La Paz features hundreds of restaurants that serve every imaginable menu. Seafood and traditional Mexican food is prevalent and inexpensive, but you can also choose Chinese, Italian, French, steak houses, pizza parlors, and more!

  • Movies and Entertainment ~ A new 15-plex movie theater complex that offers first run movies in English has opened. Throughout La Paz, there are restaurants and lounges that feature great live entertainment and dancing.

  • Auto Sales and Repair ~ La Paz features full service facilities for any make and model of automobile.

  • Personal Services ~ Hair and nail salons are in abundance, as well as therapeutic massage therapy and spa services.

  • Building Supplies ~ La Paz has complete building supply centers as well as hardware and landscaping supplies.

  • Marine Repair, Parts and Services ~ La Paz has several large marine and fishing supply stores, as well as numerous marine haul out and repair facilities.

  • Pet Care ~ There are many animal hospitals, veterinarians, pet supply stores and grooming services available.


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