“La Concha Pearl is one of the best condominium values in Baja offering energy efficient resort living.”

Building “smart” and energy efficient, La Concha Pearl is the first building of its kind in Baja California Sur to be LEED registered with the US Green Building Council!  Developers have targeted the “Gold” level and aim to be the most efficient and structurally safe residential project in all of Baja.

Green Living in La Paz

Highlights of La Concha Pearl green construction and energy efficiency:

Building Materials
Cast-in-place concrete form product called QuadLock and QuadDeck ( provides significant advantages over conventional methods

  • Reduce energy costs (37-47%) every month of the year – forever!
  • Stronger than wood, block, or steel
  • Superior protection from hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Fire resistant for added safety
  • Maintenance free
  • Prevents intrusion of insects, mold, and moisture
  • Incredible sound insulation

Q:  If this is such a superior building material than conventional methods, why isn’t everybody using it?
A:  The primary reason is that this material costs as much as 40% more than cinder block, and most developers do not understand that real VALUE is more than just square footage and price, it’s found in long-term energy savings, insulation benefits, and superior strength.

Radiant Barriers
In addition to concrete over foam roof design, La Concha Pearl incorporates radiant barriers in all horizontal roof systems to quadruple the effectiveness of the insulation system.


Treated windows dissipate up to 40% more heat than conventional dual-pane windows.  High efficiency chiller reduces air conditioning costs by more than 50%.  Underground, self-contained cooling system specifically designed for Baja climate.

La Concha Pearl was designed with outdoor experiences in mind, and uses building overhangs and balcony elements to provide shade to protect against the elements, further reducing cooling costs and increasing occupant comfort.

Sewer System
All black and gray water is collected and processed on site via bio-treatment system and used for landscaping.

Solar Heating
State-of-the-art solar heating provides year-round heating for the pool and spas, as well as perimeter lighting for common areas.